Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Son of Man

I've gotten through issues #1 - 133 in the Hellblazer series. I've seen a few people talk about how they didn't like the Ennis 'Son of Man' run. At first I would have agreed but it got really twisted toward the end. I mean, whats not to like about dead babies on meat hooks? Or a mob boss giving birth (yes, through that orifice) to an anti-christ. Don't even ask me how the guy got pregnant in the first place, you really don't want to know. I wonder if they'll touch on that subject in the new Keanu Reeves movie? Nah, didn't think so :)

Friday, October 8, 2004

Killing Demons (Engine Press)

I recently purchased this book and got a chance to read it last night. As with most independent graphic novels, a good story gets going and then ends way too quickly. The book wraps up with an awkward scene between the main character and a character that is completely undeveloped. It would have been nice to see this character a couple more times briefly to just remind us that he even exists.

Given that minor critique I have to say that this is a good book. I can only hope that more books involving these characters are written because it
definitely leaves you wanting to know more. Check this book out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Killing Demons is by Peter Siegel and Brent White and can only be found used as the company (Engine Press) is no longer in business and the book out of print. (Updated 3/8/2012)

Friday, October 1, 2004


If anyone is looking to get rid of some decent chunks of a Hellblazer collection; I'm looking for the following uncollected (Not in TPB form) issues:

  • 10-40

  • 47-61

  • 84-128

  • 144 & 145

As you can see that is quite a few. :) Why DC/Vertigo has their head up their ass on this one I'll never know.