Monday, September 27, 2004

RoyalFest 2004

Well, I attended RoyalFest this weekend. I got to talk to Tim Seeley quite a bit about various comics and he did a zombie sketch for me which is really cool. Everyone else had him do various super hero or GI Joe stuff but I made him use his imagination :). I got an advance copy of Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead and I like it at least as well as the first one.

I grabbed an older issue of Digital Webbing Presents. Its one with The Goon on the cover. I REALLY liked this issue and have added DWP to my subscriptions. Freakshow, another comic from Digital Webbing, has to be my favorite find of the convention. It's got a really cool Tales from the Crypt feel and I always loved the HBO show. I spent a lot of time talking to the writer C.G. Kirby. Really nice guy, and I'm going to be looking out for just about anything he releases from now on.

Another great experience from the show was the hour plus I spent talking with Davis Vaughn from Drive Comics. They recently released a comic called The Symbiotes and I recommend you check it out. This comic is designed using 3D modeling tools. Its really quite amazing. I wonder how long before someone buys the rights to the game franchise :).

Well those are my highlights from this years show. All in all it was pretty decent and its the biggest show we have in the St. Louis area. Hopefully it'll keep getting bigger and better every year. Next up is probably Wizard World Chicago next fall. A few artists and writers mentioned a largish show happening in Chicago in march. Maybe I'll do a bit of searching to see if I can find out more details. Thats all for now.

Oh, I forgot to mention another good find. I bought a book called Nocturnal
Essence by Powerful Press. I'm not a huge fan of the artwork (which is decent), but the writing is VERY good. I'd recommend it to anyone who is a sucker for vampire and werewolf comics like myself.

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