Thursday, November 4, 2004

The Wicked West (Image Comics)

I had been looking forward to this book for quite some time and I wasn't disappointed at all. The story is a horror western about a drifter who has a run in with vampires, after taking a local teaching job, in a small town called Javer's Tanks. The artwork is excellent and so is the writing.

Another thing I liked about this GN was the price. If I remember right I got it for about $7.50 after a discount and it must retail for around $10. That is a pretty good price for a book that is over 100 pages. I'm really looking forward to any new GNs that are released detailing the "adventures" of the main character, Cotton Coleridge. The GN is by Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell, Neil Vokes, Scott Keating and was published by Image Comics. Check it out!

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