Friday, August 26, 2011

Mint is now just a marketing gimmick.

When first launched it was a breath of fresh air. It allowed you to easily track your spending by correctly aggregating all your financial data into a central repository. Lets fast forward to now that Intuit bought the company. The data from ING Direct has become nearly worthless because all Paper bill payments get changed to a description of 'Payer' and a category of 'Printing Services'. All Electronic bill payments get changed to 'Electronic Payment Systems' with a category of 'Business Services'. I have to go in manually and fix these for every transaction that is imported. There is no way to fix this problem via the Mint "rules" interface.

Who cares about your product actually working when it's free to use and you make tons of money off referrals getting people to switch to a new credit card with lower interest rates, right?

Way to blow it Intuit. You took something that was special and turned it into something sub-par.

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