Friday, April 13, 2012

BlueHarbor Auto Refinance Ripoff

Do not waste your time trying to refinance through BlueHarbor Auto.  You'll give them all your information and they will secure you a good rate and then tell you about all the "fees" involved in completing the loan.  $199 financing fee.  Ok, everyone charges those.  $87.50 re-titling fee.  HUH?  Oh and btw, you have to sign up for our extended service contract on the vehicle.  At this point I told them I was no longer interested in their services.  I found this company on  I really do not think that Bankrate knows that this company is trying to rip people off to save a few points on a loan.  I'm going to be contacting them.  If they don't do anything about it I'd say it's safe to assume that Bankrate has gone down the tubes.


I guess one good thing came out of this situation.  I discovered Pentagon Federal Credit Union.  They had better rates than the above mentioned and their customer service is incredibly helpful and courteous.  Also, the entire application for membership ($5) and the loan (free) are handled online.  After a couple days my loan (refinance) was approved and I had the pay-off check for the current lender.


  1. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience with us back in 2012. We are disappointed to hear that you did not have a positive experience with us.

    We pride ourselves in our personal customer service and low rates and we continue to work with We never mark-up your rate and we are always transparent about our document and title fees. There are no hidden charges and the title fee you mention is standard for any loan that requires a new lien. This goes directly to the state agency.

    We are sorry we were unable to help you but are happy that you found and alternative provider for your requirements.

    Best regards,



    1. I was considering your company but you need to google blue harbor and re evaluate your company. I found more than one of these events online and everyone made the same statement stay away from blue harbor. I intend to.. Robert Andrews Malakoff texas lost my business before I ever applied.