Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Windows device manager / colorspace correction refreshing

If you are experiencing constant refreshing of your device manager or color correction screens in Windows 7 or 8 you will eventually do a search and find lots of information about loose device connections, bad drivers or other types of issues. After several days of uninstalling drivers and disconnecting various devices in my system I stumbled upon the root of the problem. Windows identifies some remote network services (multimedia servers) as "devices." These devices do not show up in the device manager. My issue was that windows automatically discovers these "multimedia streaming services" on your network (other PCs) and when they enter and leave the network (who knows why) they are dropped and added to your devices repeatedly. They might show up under "Plug and Play" devices on Windows 7 but on Windows 8 they show up on a "Devices" screen. If you remove them (right click, "Remove Device") the problem goes away. This might not solve your problem but I wanted to put this here for the search engines. Good luck.


  1. Thanks!! you led me down the right path to finding my problem, I never did see any "multimedia devices" or anything that I could remove that made a difference. But the problem does have something to do with networking as if I unplug both of my ethernet cables it stops refreshing the device manager. I may be getting loop back issues of some sort. Right now it goes away temporarily if I reset my network router and switch, but comes back after a few minutes.

    1. Many times those routers will show up as plug and play devices in windows. I know mine does.